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​​ GET A JOB Podcasts ​ with Kathleen Brady

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​​ Job Search Overview
Learn the rules of the job search game. 

Learn about the Highlands Ability Battery
The Highlands Ability Battery is an on-line tool designed to provide you with the data you need to land not just A job, but the right job.

Killer Resumes
Learn how to identify and present your marketable skills and talents in an interesting and compelling manner to reach your target audience.    

Uncover Opportunities with Market Research
Learn exactly HOW to find the information you need to be successful in your job search.

Avoid the Black Hole: Technology Tips
On-Line application systems are the greatest source of frustration for many job seekers. Learn how to respond to screening questions to secure interviews and take advantage of all the benefits technology has to offer to GET A Job! 
for the job!  
​​ How to Build Your LINKED IN Profile 
Get advice on how to research the hidden job market, connect to employers and build an effective your on-line profile.

Getting Passed the Gatekeeper Uncover the secrets to capturing the attention of internal recruitiers. 

Interview Skills:  Creating Your Message Learn how to create and deliver a dynamic message during interviews to demonstrate you are the perfect candidate for the job!