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A career/life management company dedicated to helping people live and work more joyfully.

Coaching Packages

 Gift Certificates Available 
Professional Development
Career/Life Transition    
Business Development
​​10 weekly 30 minute tele-sessions to develop professional goals and objectives, addressing tactical strategies and internal and external barriers to success.  Includes emails and quick question phone calls between sessions as needed.
10 weekly 30-minute tele-sessions to focus on goal setting, job search strategies, and work/life balance. Includes, resume/cover letter critiques, interview prep/debriefs and access to coach between sessions as needed.
10 weekly 30 minute tele-sessions to develop and achieve client development goals.  Includes emails between sessions and review and edits of business development plans.
Job Search Kick Start
This package includes three 45-minute job search strategy to provide an adequate framework to launch a job search.  Resume review included.
Resume Review​​​
CareerPlanners will draft your resume based on content you provide.​
Career/Life Transition Session
On 60 minute session to explore options and consider action steps