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A career/life management company dedicated to helping people live and work more joyfully.

Self-Assessment Packages

On-Line Coaching Program
​​The Don’t Waste Your Talent Coaching Program is an 8-session process following completion of the Highlands Ability Battery online assessment and feedback consultation. It is an intensive, self-paced program providing coaching to help you create a holistic Personal Vision Statement and make decisions about how to express your Personal Vision in your work and in your life.

WHAT AM I GOOD AT? What Else Can I D0? 

Complete an on-line assessment tool to learn whether they prefer to: deal with facts and data or people and emotions; solve problems in a linear, logical manner or holistically; make decisions intuitively or deductively; work in a structured or unstructured environment.  Package includes:

The Highlands Ability Battery Assessment Tool and downloadable ADULT report and supplement 

-- 60-90 minute feedback call
-- 30 minute call to design action plan
-- Resume Review

MAJOR DECISIONS: How to Excel in College and Beyond 
Students uncover their unique combination of natural abilities and points them towards academic environments and areas of study they are likely to excel in and enjoy. This package includes:

-- The Highlands Ability Battery Assessment and downloadable STUDENT report and supplement
-- 60-90  minute feedback call with student
-- Follow up call with parents

Moving Forward: How to Get Unstuck
After completing Energy Leadership Index  assessment tool, learn how to reframe beliefs and shift energy to achieve goals.  This package includes:

 -- The Energy LeadershipTM  Index Assessment and downloadable report
 -- One 2 hour debrief to review the results and identify and address internal and external blocks interfering with success